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Video Intelligence that provides Insights across Traditional and Digital Media

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions provide real-time context marketing solutions that amplify your return on marketing investment 

Impulse Screen Media is now part of the Merchantwise Group


Understand the context of video and audio feeds in real-time using Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)


Monitor media events and marketing campaigns. Apply AI & ML to generate competitive insights for products and brands


Take action in real-time to improve your ROI. Automatically buy inventory, change bid prices, improve messaging, pause campaigns.

Events Detected
Triggers Generated
Campaign Activations


AdSync+ is a media intelligence platform that uses ACR to optimise digital media advertising in sync with other events, by triggering real-time digital ad-buys.

Context Marketing

Context marketing opportunities are a way to bridge the gap between traditional and digital media, by allowing an event on one medium to trigger advertising on another creating a co-incidence.

Brand Campaigns

We are driven by values

We use the context of media and creative of advertising to maximise your ROI without any privacy concerns.

Impulse Screen Media platforms use media and marketing data NOT personal information to target the right audience at the right time.

Customer Testimonials

"We are able to offer advertisers and brands a significant boost to their campaigns, due to reliable data and monitoring by ISM's platform. Real-time triggers of digital ads based on television content allow us to optimize brand campaigns and create concrete, measurable results. We will definitely continue to strengthen our partnership with ISM, and look forward to new and innovative products in future."
Max Flanigan
Programmatic and Data Manager
"This year we’ve been conducting research to find the best sync partner in the AU market, and through extensive vetting, Impulse Screen came out on top by a long shot! Impulse Screen offers integration with all key platforms in market whilst providing access to data and analytics tools that make strategic trigger based placement easy to execute. We are looking forward to expanding our use of Impulse Screen in the new year."
Milan Markovic
Head of Media Technology
"How does a marketer measure the value of spend in TV? With everything we can count in the digital space, online video, in particular, basic Reach and Frequency simply do not cut it any longer. With Impulse Screen's Adsync+ not only are we able to 'see' when our ads play, we can also create unique measurable engagements directly connecting TV viewers with their digital engagements in a one-to-one relationship"
Aryeh Sternberg
Media and Technology Director

Boost your Digital Campaigns

Maximise brand engagement by activating digital campaigns in-sync with television, capitalising on high top of mind recall derived from a real-time active television event. Increase ROI and reduce waste of digital campaigns by activating delivery at the right moment.