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About Us

Our Story

We provide a platform to enable context marketing. 

Our journey started with an urge to uncover meaningful data within what we see and hear in our daily lives. The drive to deciphering actionable brand insights from such data led to the creation of what we are today. Our first product TV Sync launched mid 2014, since then we have built a unique technology platform that captures and extracts real-time data from media broadcasts, allowing brands and agencies to optimize their multi-channel marketing strategy in real-time.

We pride ourselves in delivering targeted and scalable context marketing to brands, with integrations across multiple Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) in Australia and the world.

Why we are different

Impulse Screen Media was a platform developed to reduce the amount of advertising seen in the world. We decided to not watch the consumer but to watch what they watch. So we never impact the privacy or data of individuals, we ensure all  advertising is relevant and in context of the media and brand.

Super Efficient

We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver efficient algorithms that optimise performance.


We designed and built a system based on real-time data capture, analysis and action.

Highly Skilled

We have a highly skilled and dedicated team that work closely together to deliver our clients service above their expectations.

James Scott


Paul Garrity

Chief Executive Officer